More ways to share the Gospel for you

I have been thinking about ways in which I can help you, as a Christian, to share the Gospel more effectively.

Here I can offer you each tract that has been printed for you for FREE so far at freetractsource (if i have missed any then then just ask me for them), as a downloadable PDF. (Should you require it in any other format, please let me know). You can then either print these off yourself for distribution or you can contact me regarding mass production here:

Alternatively, you can donate to us to help keep stock of the designs so we can keep giving you them for FREE (see the right hand donate button) or email us
Here are the tracts in PDF, ready for print press state (with bleed around the image). I hope they will be of great pleasure to our God and King.

please visit our recent page to download all our tracts and more in one file:
click here

Also, If you would like a different design thats free to download, please visit the site below by clicking the box. Here they have some tracts in multiple languages too.


- Nigel