Gospel tract tip of the day

I once went through Derby and dropped a ten commandment coin into a buskers guitar case. To my suprise, instead of stopping (which has happened before with buskers), the guy singing changed his lyrics to 'what the h**l is that?!' Later I looked back and saw at the end of the song, that the band members all gathered around with the lead singer to read it!

Gospel tract testimony

I had a phonecall today from someone who had a Gospel Tract through their letterbox (this happens now now and again). The person was angry that it implied he was going to hell. I said they are only going to hell if they die without Jesus Christ. Please pray for this guy and his family. He has a JW background and is quite angry about his upbringing. When I pressed him about things he believed he backed off. But that man has read and heard the Gospel today. Lets pray God brings the increase.

help end the murder of the unborn

Please consider watching and sharing this movie about life in the womb

is groundbreaking, here is what the presenter has to say about it “While making the video I was amazed at how quickly people did a
complete 180 after this connection was pointed out to them in a
particularly effective way. They changed from being adamantly
pro-abortion to being pro-life in a matter of seconds.” - Ray Comfort

Comfort opens his project with 14 people who do not know the identity of Hitler – lead naturally to a discussion of abortion, which Comfort describes as a horror worse in numbers than the Holocaust.

If you are pro-choice, or pro-life, then please consider watching the film today, 33 minutes that could revolutionise everything you ever thought about life in the womb.

If you live in the UK, I can send you a free copy (reproduced with permission) or a few on DVD. Email me here: realanswers@hotmail.co.uk