a testimony from a Gospel tract!

A dear sister in Christ shared this with me today and I hope it will bless you and encourage you to keep sharing the message through tracts!

"Jesse Boyd was preaching in Kathmandu yesterday & he was pestered by a Hindu woman who came in his face. Jesse writes: "A woman had been watching the exchange. She approached and with true joy on her face thanked me for my bold words to that Hindu sadhu. She complimented me on my language skills and ability to communicate the Gospel in her language...and thanked us for distributing the tracts and Scripture booklets. She shared how she had picked up a tract at the Mission Hospital in Nepal 20 years ago. She had pondered the Gospel message contained therein for 4 years and then gave her life to Jesus Christ. Her testimony was proof that the distribution of Gospel literature is not in vain though it may appear so. For, the results may not come until years later. We provided this lady with some materials and encouraged her to be a bold witness for Jesus Christ. She was so happy about our preaching, a true encouragement sent from the Lord.""

Download all our tracts at once

After many requests for downloads of the tracts you see at this website. I have now placed all the files together in a zip file, along with some files that should be helpful to people who do witnessing.

You can download the file here:

Right click here and select save as..

If you have any problems downloading this file, please let me know