some quotes regarding tracts....

"When preaching and private tale are not available, 
you need to have a tract ready...get good striking tracts, 
or none at all...therefore, do not go out without your 
tracts." -Charles Spurgeon
"The only way to carry out the Great Commission will 
be by the means of the printed page." 
-Dr. Oswald J. Smith
"Fifty-three percent of all who come to Christ worldwide 
come through the use of printed gospel 
literature." -Joey Hancock
"Nothing surpasses a tract for sowing the seed of 
the Good News." -Billy Graham
Leaving A Tract For A Waitress
Sumner Wemp is a widely known Baptist evangelist 
who has been a steady advocate for the use of Gospel 
Tracts for decades. During one of his trips, Sumner 
had stopped in a restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah 
for lunch. As was his habit, after the waitress took 
his order he shared a Gospel tract with her and politely 
asked her to read it when she had the time. A short time 
later she brought his lunch and then left to wait on a 
few other tables. Later she came by to check on Sumner, 
and she said, "I read your little paper." Sumner said,  
"Great!" "I did not know that," she said. "You did not 
know what?" Sumner asked.
"I did not know that Christ suffered for my sins," she 
said with her eyes full of tears. Sumner’s heart leaped 
for joy, and he quickly said, "Christ really did suffer 
and die for your sins. He took the punishment and paid 
the debt for all we have ever done wrong and
then rose again from the grave. He is alive today, and 
we can know Him personally." Then he carefully explained 
the Gospel and how we are not saved by our works but by 
what Christ did on the cross.
When Sumner asked if the waitress understood what he had 
told her, she said, "Yes, I see that now." He asked her 
if shed wanted to trust Jesus as her Lord and Savior. 
Almost crying now, she decided to Trust in Christ for 
eternal life. She had assurance that now she
was truly saved. She had served Sumner a meal that would 
feed him for a few hours, but he had introduced her to 
the Bread of Life (John 6:35) that would save her for 
eternity— all because he shared a simple Gospel Tract. 
When we Truly care about seeking to save that which is 
lost, we will do ALL that we can to get the Gospel Truth 
into the hands of the lost. This includes doing things as 
simple as leaving a Gospel Tract with a waitress (along 
with a generous tip of course)."