Toilet evangelism (10 ideas)...

It is amazing how many opportunities there are to get the Gospel out in the place we so frequently visit on a day to day basis.
Believe it or not, the humble toilet is full if areas where many people can receive the Gospel. The more I have done it and considered it, the more I have felt like I need to write a guide to encourage people to make better use of 'spending a penny.'

This is the guide...

Consider how many times you visit a public or even someone else's toilet. Now consider how many times people, including cleaners, visit the toilets.
Make good use of your shopping trip, cinema, restaurant or service station visit. You could even make use of a visit to a strangers house. Or deliberately visit a toilet perhaps just to leave tracts.
Often a person may spend a lot of time there and may well welcome something to read.

The larger the toilet, the more areas you will discover to leave a tract. You have to think like the different people who come in, but also be wary of a cleaner simply taking them all away and putting them in the bin.

It should go without saying that you prayerfully ask the Lord to guide you in doing this. Indeed He may well give you ideas other than what follows.

One good idea is to carry around blue tac with your tracts. An easy way to leave a Gospel tract anywhere would be to simply tac it to an object or surface.
This really is not essential however in the toilet given the number of places one can be left.

Here follows some ideas, with photos, of where you could place a tract for a person or two to find...

1. Toilet rolls.
These common objects are great for holding a tract.
Pull away some of the roll and roll the tract back into it between the paper. Potentially you could do this in every cubicle and reach a great number of people in one visit.
You could also, assuming this is true in the room, place a tract or two between toilet roll towers that someone else is likely to find at a later time. Or even pull away some of the roll of each replacement, rolling the tract into each.
Granted the tract may fall onto the floor when a person pulls away the paper in the cubicle, but that does not mean it won't get read.

2. Changing stations.
Many modern toilets now have a changing station to pull from the wall and lay a child to change their nappy. The one in the photo nicely folds into the wall and can therefore conceal a tract specifically for the parent with a child when it is opened.

3. Hand towels
Depending on what the establishment furnishes the toilet with will effect the number of tracts you can leave. Many toilets I find have blue rectangular hand paper towels. Depending on how these are placed, it may be possible to put tracts between them for the person who washes and dries their hands. It is also worth looking around for towers of such towels to place tracts under for a different person who replenishes the supply.

4. Vending machines
Toilets today often come with various machines. One could easily place a tract in the area where the product or change exits, along with one on the top of the machine, out of view of general people, but ready to get into the hands of another person who opens it up to re-stock.

5. Maintenance/cleaning people.
Some times there are places in the toilet that only such people are likely to access. A locked door or section. It is worth seeing where a tract might slot into to be discovered later.
6. Chairs and sofas
It is not alien to some toilets to actually have a sofa or chair in it. People often put their hands down gaps to find change. A Gospel tract could come into their hands here too.

7. Literature/books
Sometimes, toilets have reading material. Anything from a four page leaflet to a newspaper can perfectly hold a tract for someone to view.

8. Flowers and fresheners
Some toilets have anything from real plants and flowers to fake trees (toiletrees). Whichever you may find, you can always put a tract underneath the pot for someone to find.

9. Cracks and surfaces.
Many areas are capable of holding a tract. From the gap between the mirror and wall, to the top of the automatic air freshener up high.
Soap dispensers, information signs, toilet tops and advertising frames.

10. On the main door.
Often in very busy toilets you will find a sheet of paper (a log) that is filled in by the cleaners. This can be held in a frame (as in the image), or in a plastic folder. Either way, a good place to put a tract for the cleaner to read (or anyone else that comes across it).


To encourage a person to pick up and keep a tract (and in particular, children), why not learn some origami and people will love it (see image example)! learn how to make ones using money tracts here:

Next time you go to the toilet, can you think of a creative place to put a tract?

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