Reach into your neighbourhood....

Having recently moved house, I came across a noticeboard at my local newsagents. They charge for you to put up an A6 noticeand I thought that this would be a good place to put an advert for free Bibles.

As I was writing the notice i thought that this would actually be a good idea for a door to door tract. Aswell as something to keep handy for when you pass such a shop that will advertise (i think supermarkets havesections for advertising such things), its a good way of seeing who is interested in the things of God.

Its good to stock some Bibles to be ready. (click the link to the right to find the lowest price suppliers I can find)

Here you can see a leaflet I have designed, below it you can download the leaflet in PDF format and print it off. If you wish to mass print it, please contact me and I will try to help.

Glory to God!

to download:
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Silence is deadly

I don't normally post videos, but i was quite struck by this one:

Tracts for the Pope's visit and people of other religions..

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contact us if you would like some of these: