Somewhere else to leave your Gospel tracts...

While walking around a supermarket near my new home in Eastleigh, Hampshire, I was trying to think of new places to leave tracts. I have recently realised I need to hand out more / place more somehow. Casting my mind back to ideas i have read in the past, few take advantage of the vast area of supermarket shelving. Then I realised a great place to put them. Along with the toilets and books, a good place to put them is between cans of multipack items. These can range from baked beans to cans of beer. look out for these because if you fold your tract up and push it inbetween the cans, it won't leave the product until the cans are seperated by the customer when they get home.

Can I encourage you to re-visit the list of where to leave tracts, because I am sure you won't remember them all.

Here is the list again, with the above addition. Why not Print it off and stick it on your fridge!


adapted from: Powerful Ways to Use Gospel Tracts

1. It is currently NOT against the law to hand out Christian literature on public property here is the law for the UK. Please enquire about any other laws that may prohibit distribution on private property. For example, in Coventry, most of the town centre is private property so permission must be sought from the council.
2. Always ask God to use you, seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit for each tract placed, and then pray for the Lord of harvest to bless it.

- Put some in a plastic holder or envelope by your door, to give to anyone who comes to your door, and as a reminder to take some with you when you leave the house.
- Hand out to customers at local restaurants / leave at takeaways.
- Put on tables in post offices.
- Pass out on busy street corners.
- Pass out at schools after dismissal.
- Pass out to people waiting in line at theater or any place where there is a queue!
- Put in each box or bag of goods you might sell to people - ebay items etc.
- Send to people on birthdays or holidays.
- Leave in phone boxes.
- Put on car windows.
- Pass out door to door.
- Leave on sitting areas of shopping centres.
- Pass out at parades, festivals, and special events.
- Leave in city parks on benches, etc. (beware of wind and rain so that they don't become litter or pulp)
- Hand out at stadium entrances, etc.
- Leave at funeral homes.
- Give to attendants at parking garages, etc. If your ticket could benefit others, give it to someone with a tract.
- Leave in hotel rooms (in the drawers, telephone book, etc.)
- Give to waitresses with generous tips at restaurants
- Put in magazines in waiting rooms.
- Leave on hairdressers tables.
- Hand out at zoos, picnic areas, beaches.
- Include in bills paid by mail. OR simply post the prepaid envelopes you don't use with tracts in them.
- Hand to store employees, check-out clerks.
- Leave in waiting areas of hospitals.
- Leave in toilets at restaurants, schools, airports, etc.
- Leave in the bank where deposit slips are.
- Give to hospital and nursing home patients.
- Leave in returned library books.
- Leave on tables at markets, fairs, etc.
- Leave on tables at health club / gym
- Put in airport lounges, bus terminals, etc.
- Mail to relatives of deceased in obituaries.
- Leave on seats on bus, taxi, airplane, etc.
- Rent stalls at county or local fairs.
- Put in pockets of used clothing given away.
- Leave in dressing rooms of clothing stores.
- Put in sealed bottles in the ocean.
- Hand out at sporting events.
- In the workplace / through business (but don't steal time from your boss, do it at break!
- Magazines & Newspapers
- Public leaflets / information - slip one in!
- In shopping trolleys
- In clothes pockets in stores
- In nappy changing stations
- On ATM machines (or any credit card slot)
- In elevators
- On hotel dressers for the room cleaners
- On newspaper racks
- In plane, bus or car seat pockets
- Inside "religious" books or any other popular books in the library or book store
- Between the rubber and the glass on driver's side windows
- If you rent videos put one in the movie you are returning.
- Leave them on video games in the arcade
- Pull out a couple of feet of toilet paper, and insert the tract while rolling it back up (clean bathrooms only!)
- Place tract in napkin holders, behind a few napkins
- Place money / coin tracts in a buskers box / street entertainers collection box. TIP: if its a note tract, expect the music to stop!
- Inbetween multi-pack items at the grocery store / supermarket (the tract will stay with the product until the customer takes it home!)