Halloween report.....

Just thought I would write up a little about halloween and whats been going on with the tracts. Firstly, I have had a MASSIVE response to the tracts, I certainly don't have as much to store for next year as I gave away and handed out this year! and I had 10,000 in stock! Praise God!

Below are some images and videos of whats been going on. But only from my limited point of view.

Sadly, for myself, on the actual night of halloween, I did'nt get many bagged sweets with tracts handed out (as I was away). But I am happy knowing some went out at my mum's house (and over at my Aunt's).

Before halloween, a reported 40,000 people attended a 'fright night' in Sheffield (http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/Sheffield39s-Fright-Night--Your.5765215.jp) where I managed to go with about 9 other Christians to hand out tractsand do some one to one witnessing. Others preached, hand out tracts and did some one to ones with many lost souls.

I found it all overwhelming to be honest (incredible the number of people celebrating such darkness). We managed to pass out thousands of tracts (many were reading them - infact i was told later, someone burnt one as a reaction). Preaching was drawing people, but the police moved a lot on. Some that were able to stay had some interaction with whoever was preaching at the time. Some great one to ones were going on. The ones I had were mainly mocking, but I pressed the truth regardless. There were about 4 banners with scripture on that attracted people to many conversations (many read these and mocked, and many did not mock). Some Bibles were also taken and dvds.

Here are some videos of the event:

parts 2-4 can be viewed here:



Praise God!